Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brits Behaving Badly

One of the benefits of a bad economy and weakened dollar is that the "Ugly American" can't travel as much anymore so we can leave the bad behaviour to the British. The New York Times has a surprising (to me) article about some Brits being too unruly and not being welcome at European resorts.

Getting drunk, having orgies, crowding the emergency rooms with injuries from fighting and carousing seem to bring the term "tourist" to a new level. “When things do go wrong, they go wrong in quite a big way,” said Alison Beckett, the director of consular services.

“What we’re trying to do here is reduce some of these avoidable accidents where they have so much to drink that they fall off balconies and are either killed or need huge operations.”

It appears that alcohol is the nidus of most of the problems. Local officials say the blame lies not just with the tourists themselves, but also with the operators of package tours promising drinking-and-partying vacations, and clubs offering industrial-strength alcohol at rock-bottom prices. For about $50 in Malia, tourists can go on unlimited-drinking pub crawls.

The Malia Loft bar, offers a special deal: four drinks and two shots for $8. What a bargain!

I'm glad I am having a staycation this year. If I want to see drunks and STDs, I'll go work in my local Emergency Department and avoid the travel hassle.


Anonymous said...

What about self control or self discipline of knowing when to stop, or say no thanks. What is wrong with a little common sense of looking ahead a short distance to see where careless actions for no reason or meaning will get you??
I guess that is too reasonable adn responsiable.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an extended form of spring break. Cheap booze is just too much of an enticement for some crazy folks.

ERP said...

They say it is because their culture is more restrained and rigid than those of continental Europe so they get out and they let loose. Just like Americans in Cancun!

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