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Ed McMahon-Stop Whining and Suing

Ed McMahon, I have one thing to say to you:

"You don't have much talent, yet you've had a great career as Johnny Carson's sidekick, host of Star Search and pitch man for magazines. I am sorry you blew through all of your millions in Beverly Hills. It is sad to be in your senior years and realize you didn't manage your money well.
But filing malpractice lawsuits is not the way to recoup your losses. "

Ed McMahon filed a lawsuit today against Cedars- Sinai hospital (read deep pockets) and the treating physicians, not only for what he says was mistreatment, but also for "elder abuse". Why elder abuse? Because those two words get him out of the capped amount that California has placed under tort reform. His damages would be unlimited and he can rake in as much as a sympathetic jury would give him. His attorneys stand to cash in also.

He fell at a friend's home (the friend is being sued too) and he alleges the hospital failed to diagnose a broken neck after the fall and he has suffered months of discomfort and pain and emotional distress, not to mention fraud, battery and elder abuse.

More advice from EverythingHealth to Ed MacMahon:

"Look, Ed, millions of Americans, like you, have been caught up in the housing squeeze. Your 6.25 million dollar home in a gated community might be sold and you and your young wife may need to downsize the spending in your life. At your age, you don't need such a large mansion anyway, do you?

Be happy the surgery was available to you under your Medicare. I am sure your out- of -pocket amount was zero because you have SAG performers insurance also and that covers the Medicare co-pay. You are still able to go on Larry King Show and you still live in glamorous Beverly Hills. Call off this frivolous lawsuit and live out your years with dignity."


Anonymous said…
I hope Ed McMahon reads your blog.

What kind of friend is that who sues his freind from falling when at his house. With friends like that you don't need enemies.
Is there a link to the story?
I will google it.
I wonder if I should sue Ed , his forced laugh on the Johnny Carson used to make me grind my teeth and of course as a result I had lots of Dental problems and as a result emotional and financial trauma :)
Good for you Dr. Toni ...go , go grrr ! :)
Oh well he is used to "easy " money, I wonder if "The Donald" is financing his lawsuit (s)
LovelyL said…
Perhaps your appropriate comments will be echoed by other physicians.
There is a current rash of elder abuse suits in the nursing home industry similar to what you describe providing retirment income and large fees to attorneys feeding on this frenzy.

Great post. I don't trust this guy as far as I could throw a piano.

Thanks for saying what I have been thinking for a long time.

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