John McCain on health care

Hmmmm. So the "change" is a tax credit and people can cross state lines to try and find better deals on insurance but insurers can deny if they have underlying conditions. Where's the "change?"


ERP said…
What a load of Bollacks!
Toni Brayer MD said…
erp: I had to look up "Bollocks". It is a Brit term. ha ha
Anonymous said…
This makes me angry "no one will be left behind???" YEAH RIGHT, obviously not living in the real world whee I see it all the time with people with pre-existing illness that are turned down. Recently someone told me she was refused Health Care because of having a D&C and Kaiser refused her and she is healthy with a benign results.
Elizabeth Edwards should help Barack Obama create a new plan with some physicians who do have ethics and do care like you do Dr. Brayer.
Anonymous said…
Kind of like, "no child left behind," another popular Republican slogan that failed to achieved the results claimed.

You neglected to mention that divorcing employers (who typically cover 50-75% or more of the cost of insurance) from the insurance funding stream and replacing it with a $2,500 tax credit for singles or $5,000 for couples (no mention of a higher credit for families) would actually result in all but the youngest and healthiest spending more out of pocket for healthcare insurance. This would also increase the number of uninsured.
ERP said…
Yeah, it is spelled "Bollacks", "Bollocks", or "Bollix" and technically means "Balls (testicles)" - I find it funny since it is not used much in this country - and is nicer than saying "sh**" of "bullsh**".

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