The Drugs Song - Amateur Transplants

How many of these names do you know? I'm an Internist...I know them all. Enjoy.


Cecilia said…

Hahaha! Last year, when my med school class started pharm, this video seemed to be on everybody's laptop. Thanks for a stroll down amnesia lane.
Toni Brayer MD said…
cecilia: Its a great way to learn pharmacology (singing the little tune). Reminds me of how I learned the Cranial nerves with the mnemonic.
tracy said…
Ha, ha....loved it, Dr. Brayer, thanks so much! i should ask my really nice pharmacist if he's seen it.

Ahhhh, the Cranial Nerves.....
Anonymous said…
thats really impressive that you know all of them..... i knew about ten. they simply dont teach us enough in high school

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