Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blogger Stalker

This post from fellow blogger, Buckeye Surgeon, really makes you think twice about blogging. Most medical bloggers are anonymous but I write Everythinghealth with my real name. It keeps me from ranting and raving and makes me more careful about what I write. But reading about this stalker who didn't like what Dr. Parks of Ohio wrote, is a bit chilling. Crazy world!

Hat tip to my blogger friend, Happy Hospitalist for alterting us.


tracey said...

That is scary. Anyone spiteful enough to do that is capable of worse in my opinion. Obviously they knew what they were doing and had every intention of being malicious by posting the address. That's scary.

Jared At The Doctor Job said...

Very creepy, I usually hate when people comment anonymously but maybe it's for the best.

tracy said...

eeewwww, v e r y creepy. i "stalk" blogs, but by that i mean it it a good, joking way...i guess i should say i "follow" blogs"...that sounds much better! "AM" got me started with the s word :)

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