Monday, November 17, 2008

How NOT to Be a Medical Director

Dr. Karen Kim, director of Pooler Pediatric Clinic, in Pooler Georgia, wrote the above first letter (click on it for a better read) to her staff and colleagues.

After the backlash, she wrote a 2nd letter, which further inflamed the situation. A few days later a resignation letter said she would be leaving Pooler to devote more time to caring for her 7 children at home.

This is a good case study in how NOT to be a medical director (or any other manager of people).
  • Don't bring politics to the workplace
  • Don't call the President Elect "Evil Incarnate" in writing
  • Don't threaten your staff and colleagues
  • Don't insult your staff by calling them names like "lazy" or "slacker."
  • Don't act like a victim
  • Don't be a total jerk
Great advice I received at an early age from my mother was, "Don't ever put in writing anything you wouldn't want to be seen by everyone."

Now, with the internet it means it will be seen world wide. Sorry Dr. Kim. You never met my mom.


ERP said...

What a psychopath!

shadowfax said...

Per Kevin, she has now suffered the consequences for her action: resignation.

Beastarzmom said...

Wow. Just wow.

Jerry said...

All she needed to do was divulge somebody's medical history or social security number. Or maybe post naked drunken pictures of herself on the Internet.

Sadly, this bozo has already been busy breeding.

tracy said...

OUCH!!!!! Be nice to my President-Elect!

Steven Reidbord MD said...

As a former medical director (of Outpatient Mental Health at Dr. Brayer's hospital, California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco), it's refreshing to see something that puts my own minor missteps into perspective. Wow.

Very nice blog, Dr. B. I wish I could be this entertaining. Keep up the great work!

Toni Brayer MD said...

steven reidbord md: thank you very much.

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