Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Miraculous Facial Tumor Surgery

Lai Thi Dao , a 15 year old Vietnamese girl, endured a huge facial tumor called a Schwannoma for most of her life. It is obvious she had difficulty eating and breathing due to the terrible deformity and its rapid growth would have killed her.

Surgeons at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center performed a 14 hour procedure to remove the growth in April and little Lai had additional reconstructive surgery on October 10. She still has a tracheostomy tube in her throat but that will be removed in the next round of surgery and she will be able to speak normally for the first time in years.

The surgery was made possible by the International Kids Fund.

Isn't Medicine wonderful?


tracy said...

Truly an amazing story, thanks for sharing it. Was it on one of those "Discovery Health" programs? It seems like i saw something very similar a while back.

Ps Where did you find the bizzaro green snow queen??? Kool.

PaulsHealthblog.com said...

I watch these shows on the Discovery Channel and I think it is amazing to see the transformation.

Technology can be truly transforming.

And by the way, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

The Happy Hospitalist said...


Liz said...

I love my medical program :) Cases like this come across all the time, so often that we don't even hear about all of them since there's always some amazing surgery or weird case going on at Jackson. Land of the zebras.

What a great place to learn. Seriously. I love it.

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