Sarah Palin's Turkey Bloodbath Causes a Stir

The election is over but, please make it stop.
Talk about poor judgment.

Hat Tip to Shadowfax at Movin Meat


tracy said…
This is beyond word...even for me...
ERP said…
Good God. She is so pathetic and sounds like a fool. I cannot believe those people who voted for her as Governor let alone as VP! She should be on the home shopping network, that is it.
Anonymous said…
I really don't understand your concern. The fact that she is real? The fact that she embraces reality, rather than living in denial as suburbanites do? If you eat meat, animals are slaughted, just for you. It's a fact of life.

Grow up, folks.
Anonymous said…
Anon: No it is the fact that she can't string two sentences together in a way that makes sense and she gives interviews in front of a gory slaughterhouse. Those two facts make her rise to power laughable and scary.
Cary said…
I'm grown up, and I agree with Toni. Palin needs to crawl back into obscurity where she belongs. When I hear talk of her running in 2012 (and good god, Obama hasn't even taken office yet!), I laugh.

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