Relaxing for Rainy Days

The good think about the downturn in the economy is that for many people the frantic Christmas rush is not happening. Less trips to the mall, less crowds, less parking, less stress. (Except for the poor retail merchants...sorry!)

"What I recommend on Netflix" are listed on my sidebar (scroll down to the bottom) and I really recommend the film I watched last night called "The Machinist". It is mysterious and a bit dark, but for excellence in cinematography, acting, editing and story, this film is a masterpiece. Christian Bale should have received an academy award for the lead role and the transformation in his body is a frightening work to behold.

Check it out...or any others on my list.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the recomedation I have been looking for a good movie to see.
SB said…
i love Christian Bale. He is talkented beyond Batman. Most people don't know that though....
Strong One said…
Wow.. I can't say I knew anything about this movie. Thanks for the recommendation.
Anonymous said…
You are right. I loved this movie
fat burners said…
I liked "The Machinist". One of those movies that I will never forget

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