Woopee! EverythingHealth is Nominated

I am happy to report that this humble blog has been nominated for the 2008 Medical Weblog Awards in the "Best Medical Weblog" category. I know many of the other nominees and they are outstanding blogs. But I am happy to be among the best of the best so please go to medgadget and vote for EverythingHealth. Just scroll to the bottom of the comments and comment for me. Please and thank you!


Linda Leighton said…
Congratulations, Toni. I definitely will vote.
Anonymous said…
I just voted. Congratulations, I hope you win you deserve to.
m.scott said…
You go Dr. B! You got my vote!
tracy said…
Congrats. Dr. Brayer, let the voting begin! "Vote early, vote often!"
Sue G. said…
Dr. Brayer, you got my vote!
saffron.nine said…

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AbbyB said…
Congrats Toni! I voted! See you tomorrow for Christmas.
luccy said…
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Charles said…
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