Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Book Contest Winner

We have a winner! Thanks to all who made comments on the blog below that gave you the unbelievable chance to win a book called "Brush Your Teeth-and other simple ways to stay young and healthy"

The comments were so compelling, heartwarming and pleading that I could not select the best. So with the help of my son...we picked names out of a hermetically sealed envelope and the winners are:

m.scott and medical student L.G.

Please email me (look at my profile) and give me your mailing address and you will receive your free healthy prize book.

The staff at EverythingHealth


tracy said...

Congrats M.Scott and LG! Looking forward to hearing how you like the about a mini-review when you finish? Only if you want.
Me, i'm off to buy that jumbo bottle...Kidding!!!! :)

Catherine D said...

How about capsulizing and posting some of the content or tips from the book on your blog - so those of us who didnt win - can benefit from it too.

Anonymous said...

Catherine good idea,also but I found out it can be ordered though amazon.

Catherine D said...

I should look it up - I am up here in Vcr BC - and I guess they would ship to Canada - my biggest issue currently is that I threw my back out and am going to physio - I know exactly how it happened too = I sat in a recliner for far too long watching the inauguration - that thing went on all day - but I HAD to know what Michelle was wearing and then I HAD to know what she'd wear to the Ball - anyway - like I said, I sat down for far too long and when I got up - POOOF - there went my back - and I really want it to get better fast as I am eager to start working with these diadvantaged adults - Catherine

tracy said...

Hummm, the winner's still haven't popped's obvious you and i should have won...hee.

i just h a d to know what the First Lady was wearing too...! Hope you feel better soon!

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