Sunday, January 25, 2009

EverythingHealth Give Away

The blogosphere is a marketplace and I get contacted by PR agents all the time to post on my blog. Most of them I turn down as not really "worthy" of my astute readers.

This time I reviewed a book that is really VERY GOOD. It has a catchy title..."Brush Your Teeth (and other simple ways to stay young and healthy.)"

Written by Dentist Dr. David S. Ostreicher, it focuses on six fundamentals of good health: hygiene, diet, attitude, exercise, sleep and personal safety. Forget fad diets, overpriced supplements and tonics of youth. A few simple improvements can make a big difference in every one's life and this book gives you those tips. It is a good read.

So we here at EverythingHealth are having a "give-away". (The "We" is really me...I don't have a staff or crew). Just comment and tell me why you want better health and what you are looking for in personal wellness. The top two comments (judged by impartial ole' me) will receive a free copy of "Brush Your Teeth". Trust me, it is about more than a toothbrush.

Check back here on Wednesday, Jan 28 and I'll post the winners. If you don't want to use your name...that's OK but Anon won't do. Call yourself Madonna, or Agent 007, or Eminem or something that I can identify you with.

Make a comment on why you want to stay healthy and win a prize!


Brad Pitt said...

I really really want to win and I am desperate for better health. I will read the book, brush my teeth faithfully and learn more tips, I hope, for being healthy.

m.scott said...

I would like to stay healthy because the universe is just too fantastic to miss a single moment of it, so, the longer I can stay healthy and alive, the more of the universe I can experience.

mj Hook said...

I want to brush
I want to be fit
So send me the book
I do deserve it.
Exercise is my passion
Fitness my goal
I hope I win
Down to my soul.

Raymond Bouchayer said...

I have been waiting for that book ....It had to be written ! I brush whatever my dentist left me with diligently everyday hoping I'll never see this clown again . I want to be and stay healthy so when I die everyone will say ....He was a healthy man . He sure does not look dead !

Kellie said...

I would love to read "Brush Your Teeth, it sounds good for my health"!!. With my birthday a few weeks away I need to hurry to find new ways to stay young, be healthier, get fit, and lose weight. Because I'm going to do a marathon this year and going to see my doctor soon I want to be up on new exercise, diet, and attitude ideas to ask my doctor about. The last reason is I have been trying to put off and avoid a possiable root canal.

Anonymous said...

I like the fact that you keep your blog uncluttered and clean without any advertising but this is a very clever and fun contest. The size for the font also makes it easier to read compared to some that have too small of a font.

Susan said...

I'm doing my best to stay healthy and active despite having MS for 20 years, but some days are quite a challenge!
I'd be happy to learn more about ways to live a healthier, perhaps longer life. I know my 2 daughters and 2 grandkids would be grateful!

L.G. said...

Right now I'm a second year med student busily studying for class and Step 1. We are constantly looking for ways to help our patients be as healthy as we can, and often neglect our own. I want to stay healthy to make myself ultimately a better doctor for my patients, to set a good example for my family and to really practice what I preach!

Catherine D said...

I am 59 years young and finally leaving the corporate world to work with a non prfit association that improves the quality of life for disabled or otherwise challenged adults. This is my passion - to make a difference in peoples lives. But I find my body not as "young" as it used to be and would love to read a book that details how to keep your health longer, so I can work as long as possible .
Catherine D.

tracy said...

i am probably the most "unhealthy, healty" person around. My BMI is in the low range, i don't smoke amd i exercise several times a week. However, things tend to go downhill from there. My body and i are dealing with several health and emotional issues and starting from the basics sounds like a good way to go. i just know that i can't continue this life style, it is truly getting me nowhere. And not only does it effect me in a negative way, can you imagine what a poor example of "good health" i am to my son and husband?

Steff said...

please pick me. I have never won anything and yes...I do want to be healthier.

Kathie G said...

I would like to win this book to give to my 30 something daughter who told me today that she had not been to the dentist in 7 years despite having dental benefits. I suspect she takes a similar amount of care with the rest of her health.

tracey said...

I'd like to be healthier since I am through with my radiation treatments and am out of excuses for not exercising. : ) I'm also getting to move back to Canada - the land of socialized medicine - and will need to start all over again with new doctors and a new healthcare system. I need to be more proactive and do what I can to stay ahead of my age.

Toni Brayer MD said...

m.scott and L.G.:

YOU ARE THE WINNERS. (Thanks to everyone else.)

Please contact me via email so I can send you your prize book.

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