Medical Challenge- You Be The Doctor

This young woman presented with a left inner forearm that looked like this. What is the diagnosis? Answer will be posted tomorrow. Click on the image for a better view.

1. Intravenous drug abuse
2. Victim of partner abuse
3. Donated blood
4. Suicide attempt
5. "Cutter"

(photo used with permission- thank you km


tracy said…
Said with much kindness and concern, a self-inflicted injury...a "Cutter". However...the red marks around the cut make me think of other answers, althought they could indicate other types of injury and i am rambling...
I have one giant nipple in each antecubital space from donating plasma during my medical school years.

However, it looks like there are three puncture marks, as well as a tourniquet marking embedded in the skin.

I'm going with IVDA
Anonymous said…
I think a cutter. Great contest! Can't wait for the answer.
It looks like a deep puncture wound to me.

Pour some peroxide on it and call it a day?
Jonathan said…
Given the puncture marks, I suspect this is IVDA with perhaps a skin or soft tissue infection.
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