Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Steve Jobs Takes a Leave

The Steve Jobs story continues to create interest and speculation as he announced that he is going to take a six months' medical leave because his medical problems were "more complex" than he initially thought.

I blogged previously about the possible explanations for Mr. Job's weight loss after he underwent a Whipple surgical procedure for pancreatic cancer in 2004. As he became more and more emaciated, the rumors flew and Apple stock price fell with investor worries about his health. He attempted to minimize concerns last week and said the weight loss was from a hormone imbalance that caused nutritional problems.

Now, less than a week later, he announced in an email to his employees: "Unfortunately, the curiosity over my personal health continues to be a distraction not only for me and my family, but everyone else at Apple as well. In addition, during the past week I have learned that my health-related issues are more complex than I originally thought. In order to take myself out of the limelight and focus on my health, and to allow everyone at Apple to focus on delivering extraordinary products, I have decided to take a medical leave of absence until the end of June."

The web is already responding to Steve Job's announcement with much speculation that the "Jobs era" has ended and "He probably won't come back to Apple".

I wouldn't count him out so fast. Steve Jobs may be doing the most rational and responsible thing he could by taking a break and focusing on his health. We are such a work obsessed it unthinkable that he could take a little sabbatical? He has a huge organization in place that can spin without him for awhile. Why should he stress his body and mind with travel, long work days, boards of director meetings and answering to the press when he could be focusing on nutrition, rest, and healing?

He may be making the best choice for his company as well as his family by stepping off the spinning ipod for awhile and getting in touch with his personal iSteve.


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I believe you, Dr. Toni, are one of the most well rounded persons. From the humorous iflea video to the compassionate essay concerning Steve Jobs, I appreciate your completeness.

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