Canada vs U.S. Medical Journals

The Canadian Journal of Family Practice is a bit racy compared to the New England Journal of Medicine. I guess competition for readership occurs even in the staid world of Medicine.

(Photo hijacked from Medical Jokes)


Jen said…
We're Canadian. Anything that raises the temperature even a little bit, or reminds us that we won't always be in 5 layers of clothes, helps, especially in February :D
tracy said…
Yay, son, for unknown reasons, is a huge fan of Canada...even wanted the Canadian flag on his class ring...hey, kiddo, go for it! :) Maybe he has secretly been reading The Canadian Journal...naw, he's 17...even with AS, i'm sure he has the resources to find some thing racier...probably Canadian, tho. ;)
Competition, indeed.

What's next?


Eat Well. Live Well.
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