Monday, February 23, 2009

Fat for Fuel

Biodiesel fuel is considered to be more environmentally friendly than gasoline and different sources such as algae, beef tallow and corn have been tied as an alternative form of fuel.

Dr. Craig Alan Bittner, a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon found a new form of fuel right in his practice. Liposuction fat! He made fuel for his girlfriend's SUV from the extracted fat of patients. Apparently he had more fat than he could use.

This doctor is under investigation by the California Department of Public Health because it is against the law to use human waste as fuel. Who knew? His fat for fuel escapades were unveiled when he was sued by several patients for letting his unqualified girlfriend assist in operations that left patients "disfigured".

The entrepreneurial doctor has left the country for South America.


Kellie said...

You find the most unusal topics to blog about. It never even occured to me that "it is against the law to use human waste as fuel"
I guess Dr.Bittner and Dr.Kamara seem to have their own medical standards in Beverly Hills.

roguewoman said...

Yep, it's also against the law in most states to use grey water to water your lawn/garden, to use a composting toilet, and other renewal, sustainable ways of living. But it's perfectly legal to dump your yearly ton of garbage in a poor neighborhood (via a garbage hauler).

Anonymous said...

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