Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Healthy Pom Contest

Just for fun and good health...lets have another Give-a-way, OK?

POM Wonderful is pure 100% pomegranate Juice. EverythingHealth loves that there is no sugar, preservatives, color or cheap filler juices in POM. And for you folks that want to "buy American" is grown right here in the good ole' USA.

We always promote getting your vitamins and antioxidants from real food and pomegranate juice is one of the most potent antioxidants in nature. Studies have shown improvement in cardiac health, erectile dysfunction and prostate health with daily POM drinkers.

So think about how your health could be improved by drinking POM and write a comment. The best reply will receive a case of POM. (within the U.S. only, sorry international readers)
I'll post the winner on Thursday, Feb 26.

Click on the comments and tell me why you want POM.


Nancy M said...

I would like to win the POM drink because I am chasing 2 children around the house and I need more energy. I like the fact that it doesn't have added sugar and when I am healthy I can be a better mom for my two little ones. I hope I will be selected to become healthy with POM.

The Happy Hospitalist said...

Did you say erectile dysfunction? Yes. That's it. I need a case of this stuff to make sure Mrs Happy stays Happy. You wouldn't come between a man and his wife. Would you?

LOL said...

My wife and I have been married for almost ten years now, and have three children. Though that's not close to a record, it ain't no hobby either.

So though I don't need to improve an erectile dysfunction condition, the idea of continuing to do my part in our marriage, naturally and without separate bath tubs or blue pills, is nice.

Toni Brayer MD said...

Happy and Paul: I don't know if you will win but I like your creativity and hope the marriages continue to thrive...with or without POM.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I thought it said "A Healthy Porn Contest"!

And then, reading the comments, I may have been right after all... :-)

jobb said...

I would love to try Pom, but since it is not sold here in the boonies, I think I should win a case.

L.G. said...

Obviously don't want to be entered since I scored that fabulous book last time, but wanted to thank you very much for the book! Boards review is taking over my whole life, but when it's not I will finish the book and post a synopsis!

Raymond Bouchayer said...

War do ya get this here stuff ?

Impotence Aids said...
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Anonymous said...

Could you delete the viagra spam ad?

Anonymous said...

"Just for fun and good health..."

Completely disagree on the "good health claim"

In 8 oz (and who drinks only 8 ozs? a can of coke is 12 oz for example) is 160 cals, 40 g carbs of which 34 g is sugars. Sugar is sugar is sugar. Sucrose, fructose, maltose, honey, lactose,....

In Israel where they have the Rimon (Pomegranate) also growing on trees and very, very common -- great to harvest in the fall they have DIET fruit drinks (Pomegranate, orange, grapefruit, mango, ....) where most of the sugar is taken out and substituted with Nutrasweet or Sucralose which is far, far healthier than POM drink.

I know that Ocean Spray makes versions of cranberry juice combined with other fruit juices where they do the same.

David MD

David MD

Toni Brayer MD said...

David MD: I'm not sure where you are getting your stats but they are incorrect.
POM is a healthy, pure fruit drink or I would not be offering it in this contest (spoil-sport!)

8 oz of POM is 70 calories,zero fat, zero cholesterol, zero sodium. 28g sugar (all natural). The jury is out on artificial sweeteners and there is nothing unhealthy about natural sugar in juice.

Contestants: continue!

CountryMidwife said...

Doc - how come antioxidants in food/ juice have proven health benefits but antioxidants in supplements (for people who are deficient) do not? Honestly curious. And - don't choose me - doing the low-carb thing right now and getting my antioxidants in cabbage, green beans, broccoli, etc.... :)

KM said...

CountryMidwife; I had a Vitamin D deffiancy and my doctor told me to increase my Vit D supplements by taking 1,000 IU's. She was right, it definately did work going from below normal range of 17 to now in the normal at 33.

Anonymous said...

Toni Brayer MD said:

"David MD: I'm not sure where you are getting your stats but they are incorrect.
POM is a healthy, pure fruit drink or I would not be offering it in this contest (spoil-sport!)

8 oz of POM is 70 calories,zero fat, zero cholesterol, zero sodium. 28g sugar (all natural). The jury is out on artificial sweeteners and there is nothing unhealthy about natural sugar in juice."

I get the 160 calories per 8 oz serving 34 g sugar out of 40 g carbs from the POM website.

You see off of this page:

Where do you get your nutrition info? :-)

But, let's take the info you provided: you said 70 cals but you also said 28 g sugar. Sugar and protein have 4 cal/g. (Fat is 9, alcohol 7 for uninformed readers). 28 g sugar times 4 cal per gram is 112 cals.

Let's say you drink 8 oz of POM a day (and I'd guess it would be more). You are consuming (using the nutrition info from the web site that I quoted) 34 g sugar times 4 cal/gram is 136 cals of sugar per day times 365 days per year is about 50,000 cals per year of sugar. There are about 454 grams per pound and 9 cals per gram for fat which means that you are adding about 12 lbs of fat per year in drinking sugar from POM (again assuming you only drink 8 oz). If you drink the equivalent of a soft drink can's worth (12 oz) then that comes to 18 lbs of fat of empty cals.

Also, in your nutrition statement you say "no cholesterol" and since cholesterol is only in animal products that is of course true.

As for sugar substitutes and whether they are healthy are not all I can say is that they are FDA approved and people are going to want to drink something sweet like coke or fruit juice so better that they have diet whatever than adding pounds of fat per year and becoming obese.

If you want to offer something healthier and still good for you to drink, try:

"Cranberry Spray

It's refreshing and crisp. It's made with real cranberry juice. It's an excellent source of Vitamin C. And it's only 5 calories per 8 oz. serving. What does all of this mean? Well, it means that Diet Cranberry Spray is the perfect choice when you need a break from diet soda. And, let's face it, we all need one of those from time to time."

David (healthy, obsessive, cheerful spoiler :-) ) MD

I do not work for Ocean Spray. But I do think you should change your giveaway to health diet cranberry juice....

Here is more health information:

Anonymous said...

The link to Ocean Spray Diet drink was truncated in my previous post:


David MD

Anonymous said...

You can also drink these:

If you want more variety with reduced 40 sugar cals/ 8 oz serving....

"Light Juice Drinks

You want to reduce calories. You want to cut down on sugar. But you don't want to sacrifice taste. Good for you. And guess what? You don't have to. Ocean Spray Light Juice Drinks have the great taste you expect, but with 2/3 fewer calories and sugar than our regular juice drinks. All thanks to SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener, a no-calorie sweetener. So now you can get all the refreshment and health benefits, without all the calories.

Light Cranberry Juice Cocktail
Light Cran•Grape® Grape Cranberry Juice Drink
Light Cran•Raspberry® Cranberry Raspberry Juice Drink
Light White Cranberry Juice Drink
Light Ruby™ Grapefruit Juice Drink"

David MD

Anonymous said...

I just read the advert blurb at the bottom of the first page from POM Wonderful that I cited in an earlier comment:

"A final word: maybe you’re on a diet (who isn’t?) and are worried about the calories and carbohydrates in pomegranate juice. Just remember that the carbohydrates are from naturally occurring fructose and glucose found in the fresh fruit. And that a single glass of delicious POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice won’t make you fat…but may help you be healthy."

As noted in my previous comments using data provided by same web site, a single serving (8 oz) per day would be 12 lbs of fat per year of sugar so it is not good for a diet at all.

In fact if you speak with experts in diet (e.g. Louis Aronne, MD (see ) former President of North American Association for the Study of Obesity (NASSO) and now renamed The Obesity Society [ ]) they recommend that you eat fruits and not fruit drinks because it is more filling and healthy and takes longer to consume the calories.

In my view these POM Wonderful people are doing what a lot of food companies are doing as are misleading the public.

David MD

David MD

tracy said...

i would like to win POM because i have loved that adorable little bottle shape f o r e v e r !!! It would be a great mental health boost to me.

JGR said...

Please pick me to win the POM drink. I am trying to put only healthy things in my body. I cleared out my pantry of all refined flour products and I'm eating more fruits and vegetables. POM would be a great way to wash it down.

rooann said...

POM is such a great drink (both taste-wise and health-wise), it’s definitely a favorite in my household. My household is a little larger than average & with quite a wide range of ages- the great thing about POM is that not only do we all love the taste of it, but that we also all get wonderful heath benefits from it! It’s a nice way to get the benefits of pomegranate fruit without dealing with the preparation and clean up, it’s also so much more concentrated so you get much more bang for your buck. And if you’re concerned about the sugar, calorie content, etc… you don’t have to drink a whole bottle or serving to reap the benefits of the this drink!

As I mentioned, there are a wide range of ages in my household, but I think it’s important for everyone to get the benefit of antioxidants. POM is quite concentrated so it’s an efficient way of getting a good level of antioxidants easily. It’s important to combat those free radicals! Much of my family spends a good deal of time outdoors so the effects of the sun and pollution etc. are always on our mind. Even certain foods can increase free radicals, so it’s something for everyone to be thinking about, whether they are 18 or 80. Aside from that, there has been quite a bit of cancer in my family (one relative of mine died in their 30s from it - much too young) & high blood pressure is also common with many of my relatives- so we also have to think about these things when making food choices.

I’m not saying POM is some kind of cure all, but there are definitely some health benefits there. Considering the amount of soda, sugary high fructose “fruit” juices on the market (neither of which my family drink) you have to admit that POM is definitely one of the better choices you can make for a sweet drink. And even if you refute the health benefits of POM, you can't refute that it’s quite tasty and a much better choice than most conventional drinks in the supermarket.

Personally, I drink POM as a refreshing treat. I’m mostly a water and tea drinker, but I love fruit juices and POM is one of the best tasting options out there. I also believe that from a health standpoint it offers some nice benefits as well, and I might as well kill two birds with one stone... or should I say kill two free radicals with 2 electrons! ;)

Susan said...

I would love to have a case of Pom delivered for a few reasons...
I see wrinkles happening and I'd like to slow them down a little.
A case would be too heavy to carry from the car, so door delivery is desirable.
EDD? Well, I'm a widow so that's not an issue, but maybe Pom can help me find a man!
I want to make that yummy looking POMObama drink on the Pom website and write a review for it.
I have yellow and deep red in my kitchen, so the Pom would match OK.
I've tried to love beets, but they are just icky, so Pom would be a good substitute.
Cheers to you all....

Dimi3, CMT said...

I like to win the POM drink because it will help me to help others! How? Pomigranate has more antioxidants than any other fruit or veg...and as a Massage Therapist I cannot help other people if I don't have good imune system and energy myself.
So, other people will thank you, too!

KM said...

This is another GREAT give away Dr.Brayer is doing.I discovered POM about six years ago and love the taste and puriity of it.

Two reasons it could help my health is because I have hypertension and there are studies on how it can help increase the blood flow to the heart and also help with plaque that causes cholestrol from build up in the arteries. It would help reduce my risks with family history of strokes.

Thirdly is that during the pomagranet season my boyfriend and I use fresh pomagranets to make heart healthy sauces for salmon, chicken, turkey and pasta. (he has high cholestrol) And we could share a recipe with Everythinghealth.

Fourth reason is that we are going to get in better shape to train for a marathon later in the year and the antixodents would help to stay healty adn accomplishh it it.

The fifth reason is I'm a platlete doner and it would help keep my blood healthy to donate to other people who are in need of it

Toni Brayer MD said...

We have a winner: Everything health couldn't decide among all of the excellent entries so a random drawing was held and the winner of the case of delicious, healthy POM is:


Congratulations and please email me your mailing address. Thank you to all entrants.

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What a wonderful juice, i love everything about health, in fact, specially drinks, i'd rather have a good cold-iced natural fruit punch (mmm delicious), than a soda!

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