The Maasai Visit

It was so wonderful this week to see my Maasai friends from Kenya and have a reception for them at my home. This was the first trip away from their African village for many of them and they brought such magical good vibes, generosity and openness with them. They hug and touch for hello and goodbye and after gathering in a circle and chanting and singing, they blessed my home.

Led by Sironka, they perform and sell their wonderful beads to support female education, health clinics and improved standard of living for their tribe at home.


KM said…
How interesting their Maasai culture visiting and blessing your home again!! I remember when you wrote about this before. I like reading about their culture that you described. Are you going to visit them?
tracy said…
Wow. Just wow. Wish i could have been there.
Anonymous said…
What beautiful people. The colors are amazing and it looks like a unique gathering.
Kellie said…
Are the long things they are holding with multiple different colors on them canes?
I like thir vibrent colors
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Love their culture and the country, specially the wild animals that one can see there, specially the big cats.
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I think it's important that we all know a little about this subject so interesting, I think it's part of human culture tell us about such things.
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It is great to meet different cultures with different lenguage and different perspectives. because it can help you to open to a different point of views.
I believe one and all must look at it.
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