Medical Challenge - What's the Diagnosis?

The New England Journal of Medicine diagnostic challenge is aimed at physicians but anyone can play. This patient has skin lesions (click on image for a better view) that are non-tender, non-itchy and slowly growing. What lab test would cinch the diagnosis?
1. 17-hydroxyprogesterone
2. Angiotensin-converting enzyme
3. Anti-tissue transglutaminase antibody
4. Prolactin
5. Vitamin B6
The answer will be posed on Friday.


#3 , just because Dr. Toni
Anonymous said…
I don't really know. the photo is interesting and it looks like leprosy to me but I don't know what the test would be. I'll guess #3 also
tracy said…
Vitamin B 12 It looks like a kind of severe case of it?
tracy said…
oops, make that B6...see why, for numerous reasons, i'm not (sniff) a physican...? ;)
Susan said…
#2...because it looks as if the blood vessels/capillaries are being impacted.
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