Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama Wow!

Everythinghealth loves President Obama and was impressed and inspired by his speech tonight. Some random thoughts:
  • He has a beautiful smile and is like a Rock Star
  • It seemed both Republicans and Dems gave standing ovations - no divided house (at least in public)
  • He was upbeat and hopeful
  • He loves Michelle and acknowledged her
  • He seemed to be the youngest person in the room
  • Pale, male and stale (don't those guys ever retire?)
  • He promised a lot - hope he didn't over promise and under deliver
  • He looks good with a red striped tie
  • He didn't equivocate on reforming healthcare...but how?
  • Does anyone believe a word from Ben Bernanke? The stock market rallied.
  • "If you earn less than 250K/year, your taxes will not increase one single dime"
  • He talked about a lot of new programs and also pledged to cut the national debt by 50% in his first term. Sounds good..maybe too good?
  • I could listen to him talk all night.


TucsonLinda said...

Most impressive!!

Ellen said...

I agree wholeheartedly! Was blown away by his speech tonight - chills and tears. I believe he can do it and isn't it nice to be challenged by a President who thinks big and has lofty ideas???

Anonymous said...

Handsome is as handsome does … I turned off my cable t.v. because I can’t stand to listen to anymore from “The Great Depressor.” And, I am sick of him spending all of our money while talking about how he's reducing our debt and balancing our budget! He's a hypocrite. Read the Wall Street Journal so you really find out what he's up to ... that will bring tears to your eyes too.

Anonymous said...

How did you ever get to be a medical doctor?

I believe you are sincere, but obviously have very little knowledge about economics or business principles.

Toni Brayer MD said...

Whoa there anonymous #2. Those are pretty strong words (and insulting) coming from someone who is "anonymous" and who may be lacking a high school education (?). My business acumen is pretty sharp but that is not the point here.

Shall we wait until he does something wrong before we throw stones or do you just want to live your life being negative in the face of terrible odds? Believe me, if he fails, we all fail and he is a transformational leader at a time when that is exactly what this Country needs.

Kellie said...

Anon #2: Did you know that Dr.Brayer was named one of the Bay Area's 100 most influential women in bussiness?

It also takes a knowledgeable, wise, bussiness mind with ethical principas to successfuly run a medical practice for primary care like she has done. Not to mention the dedication and determination with persaverance to get through the tough demands of medical school. I admire her for all that she has accomplished and has given back like when she volunteered her medical skills right after Hurricane Katrina happened.

Besides that she is an extremely exceptional, focused, caring, knowledgable, professional physician with excellent skills. Her high quality values are reflected through out her blog.

Also Presidient Obama has only been in office a little over a month, so do you think you would like to be judged on such a short time of doing such a tremendously complex difficult job? It isn't a fair way to base it on because he has barely been given a chance.

Why don't you use your name?

Anonymous said...

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Matthew said...

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