Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Octuplet Doctor - Yank His License Now!

Dr. Michael Kamrava runs the West Coast IVF Clinic and is the doctor who has provided Octuplet mom, Nadya Suleman, all 14 of her children (under the age of 6!) Nadya Suleman, now on food stamps and welfare, spent $100,000 with Dr. Kamrava .

If that is not enough, we now find that same physician has another patient who is 49 years old and is 5 months pregnant with quadruplets.

The mother, who has two grown children, is already admitted to the LA County Hospital on bedrest and was transferred from Good Samaritan Hospital because she does not have adequate medical insurance.

The woman at 49 years old, is already considered high risk with one baby. Triplets would increase the risk of cerebral palsy by 47 times. Premature birth is almost certain with four babies.

I am happy to report that my California medical license dues, which support the Medical Board of California, are being used properly as the Medical Board is investigating Dr. Kamrava.
Dr. Kamrava, goes outside the American Society for Reproductive Medicine guidelines, which call for no more than two embryos to be implanted for women younger than 35. Implanting more embryos doesn't improved the odds of a successful pregnancy. All you get are more complications.

In 2006, the latest year for available documents, he performed 52 in vitro procedures and 20 were in women younger than 35. He used, on average, 3.5 embryos per procedure. He has one of the worst success rates of any fertility clinic in the nation. Fertility Clinics are largely unregulated and doctors are free to do whatever they wish.

If this isn't a case of malpractice, poor medical ethics and just plain bad doctoring, I don't know what is. Medical Board, do what you are paid to do and get this physician off the streets!


Anonymous said...

Is the increased risk of cerrbal palsey to the mother or the babies or all of them?
That would be horriable in any circumstances.

Hopefully there are some responsiable IVF clinics out there for more responsiable women that just want a small, healthy normal size family. It is so really wrong to be obsessely out of control about geting what you want when it seems to be an addiaction you can't suppoet,that ends up the expense of the goverment, our tax money and
not to mention the poor children's lack of quality being raised and cared for.

ERP said...

That pic of her is absolutely revolting. Almost as much as he is.

Healthnut said...

She's going to have a cystocele before you know it, and she has "Dr. Octuplet" to thank you.

Raymond Bouchayer said...

Lets hope those kids do not turn out to be as stupid as those two ( The Mother and Her Doctor). Most of all lets hope that they are well brought up , educated so they can succeed in this life . So many orphans in this world and they have to "manufacture " more ......no brains ! Idiots !

KM said...

Now I heard that her house is foreclosing,from being 10 months behind in payments. It would be better for the children or at least some of them to be adopted by a parents that havfe the financial means to support them.

PaulsHealthBlog.com said...

This Dr. Michael Kamrava took advantage of a woman who is obviously not stable. I mean, my wife and I have a 23 month old son, and he is just about all we can handle!

Running behind 14 children, including 8 infants, boggles my mind. It makes me want to find a corner, get in the fetal position and suck my thumb!

Dr. Michael Kamrava should be thoroughly investigated and then like you said, have his license revoked.

Susan said...

He is an example of a person in a powerful position lacking morals and ethics all for an almighty buck. Maybe he implants so many embryos because his clinical stats are so poor. Why oh why are infertility clinics not regulated or overseen by some faction of ACOG or AMA? Or at least convert the guidelines to non-movable rules so when someone breaks them they can be prosecuted.

Margaret Polaneczky, MD (aka TBTAM) said...

I think the taxpayers of California should take him to court, and he should be mandated to pay for the support of this family he has created.

Imee said...

Wow, talk about CRAZY! I always knew that power can be abused when the wrong people get it.. Exhibit A: Dr. Kamrava. Honestly! Californians should sue the guy. I doubt they're paying taxes to support the unbelievably irresponsible and money-wasting Suleman. How that woman ever got food stamps is way beyond me.

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