Cocaine Nose

A picture is worth a thousand words. This 50 year old man had used cocaine for 20 years. Cocaine causes vasoconstriction and in fact, it is used as a local anesthetic medically when there is a need to do a procedure and stop bleeding. This same vasoconstrictive property can cause skin breakdown and erosion of the nasal septum.

photo credit: Consultant


Anonymous said…
That's one scary sight.
Healthnut said…
Holy moly...I wonder if his brain is as bad as a smoker's brain.
Anonymous said…
How can one look at this poor man's face and continue to treat cocaine and other drugs as a criminal offense rather than an health problem? This picture shows the true face of addiction, the inability to stop doing something that's obviously harming you.
Edward said…
Hello friend great and impact picture!! I I use little cocaine dosage and I also take Generic Viagra, can I have a severe side effect??
Jack said…
Its scary face and hope its can be resolved by the expert so nobody can get it again

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cheap viagra said…
I think you're right "A pictures is worth a thousand words" specially this kind of illustration, I can't ignore this pain and I will do my best contribution to fix something about this situation. Cocaine causes he reduction of tropinone and this'll be the most dangerous characteristic. 23jj
Invertir en oro said…
I think it's important that we all know a little about this subject so interesting, I think it's part of human culture tell us about such things.
Invertir en petroleo
this is the price of the vice, and a cigarrette smoker I know that I gonna pay for this, luckely I know that I can leave this vice in any moment.
Generic Viagra said…
The picture shows all the things. what happen with that person. A picture is worth a thousand words.

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