Saturday, March 7, 2009

EverythingHealth Contest

YouBars is a really cool idea where you can personalize your own nutrition bars and shakes. Instead of buying mass produced bars, you can custom make your own bars with less sugar, no milk (for those lactose intolerant folks) or with more carbs if you are a runner. By building in your own flavors, fruit, protein ( soy, egg white, rice or milk) and your own sweeteners (organic sugar cane juice, agave or splenda) you can get the exact nutrition that suits your lifestyle.

Here is your chance to win (free, absolutely free) a pack of the most popular YouBars and You Shakes so you can see what it is all about. I tried them and they are really good. I like the shakes blended with fruit to make sure I start my day with some protein. Note: they don't take the place of my morning Latte.

So make a comment and let me know why you want to try YouBars. Be creative or just whine and say "I want to win something to cheer me up since my 401K has gone to pay bonuses to the GM presidents ".

We will pick a winner on Tuesday so let us know why it should be you.


Noreen M said...

I would like to win the You Bars and Shakes because I am often too busy to plan a meal and eat healthy. I would use the shakes in the morning and eat the bars for a pick me up or to get energy rather than eating sugar. Thanks for doing these contests. Even if I don't win it is fun to try.

Raymond Bouchayer said...

Does it come with a glass of wine ? ....must be my bad English :).
But if does sign me in I'll take a truck load .

Ada Beth Harris said...

I think I should win the contest because I am a good judge of delicious food - and, would love to find a truly healthy "health bar". I love to eat them in the car on the way to work! Also, if I find something I like and think is worthwhile, I recommennd it to lots of people that I see in my dental hygiene practice

KP said...

I would love to win so I can add some variety to my carrots, oranges, and granola healthy snack repertoire. I've also never won a contest so I'd also like to break that streak.

Laura's mom said...

Ooooh. I would like to win to try a new bar since I love eating them for snacks. I'm always looking for a new tasty health bar. I would try the shake too.

Anonymous said...

You bars, eat bars, me bars yes

Healthy eat them, they’re the best

I want, I need, healthy, me be

Give me Youbars, happy I’ll be!

Lisa said...

I should win....very simply...BECAUSE I AM HUNGRY!!

Kellie said...

I should win because I want to feel like the people in your contest photo:
RESILENT feeling the JOY of EverythingHealth.
At the same time I would be following my doctor's recommendationn to eat zero or low sodium foods.

Catherine D said...

I would love to try out the You bars as my husband and I are just starting a joint health plan which includes walking, eating better, and these bars would fit into our plan perfectly.
Catherine D

Tim Pope said...

I just found your blog while doing a research project on concussions. It referred me to a long a go 2007 post. Anywho, after looking at your current posts and seen the Youbars, they look mighty tasty! I would love to have some for free! I work outside for an airline and I am "throwing" bags sometimes for hours straight and I don't get much of a break sometimes to get a good snack in. So I say, "Give them to me so I can get some good energy and protein instead of maltose, glucose, or any other overly sugary granola bar...please!?!" Either way they look very nummy and look like an excellent alternative for a quick snack.

Toni Brayer MD said...

We Have a Winner:
Thanks for all of the creative entries. Tim Pope is the winner of YouBars and YouShakes.
Tim, email me with your contact info.
Congratulations and thanks to everyone who entered the contest. Stay tuned...more free healthy stuff to come.

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