Fertility Drugs Do Not Cause Ovarian Cancer

With so many women around the world taking strong hormones and fertility drugs to aid in pregnancy, there has been a fear that these drugs would be associated with increased risk of ovarian cancer. We know that infertility and no child bearing increases the risk of ovarian cancer.

Now a new large study conducted in Denmark and published in the British Medical Journal shows there is no increase in ovarian cancer for women who used fertility drugs.

This study looked at 54,362 Danish women from 1963 through 1998. They followed them for 16 years. The women used clomiphene, chorionic gonadotrophins and gonadotrophin releasing hromone...all strong stimulants of ovulation.

No increase in cancer was found in women who used these drugs individually or in 5 common combinations compared to the control group who used no drugs.

This study is reassuring to women who use fertility drugs to get pregnant.


KM said…
Thanks for posting this. I'm always trying to keep up on information with Ovarian Cancer since there is a family history of it in my family. Do you know if taking prometrium makes any differance with it one way or another?
Toni Brayer MD said…
KM: Prometrium is progesterone and is usually not taken alone for a long period of time. Progesterone is an ingredient in birth control pills and there is a decreased incidence of ovarian cancer in women who take the pill.

There are no studies related to ovarian cancer that have looked at taking Prometrium or progesterone alone for short periods of time.
Edward said…
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