Latvias Strange Restaurant

Latvia, that small little Baltic republic, is bordered by Estonia to the North and Lithuania to the South. It also abuts Belarus and Russia.

EverythingHealth has had visits from Latvia (welcome, Latvians!) and I always find it so rewarding to think of how we are interconnected via the internet.

The Latvians must have quite a bizarre sense of humor. A group of local doctors and hospitals own a restaurant that serves hearty Latvian dishes topped with realistic-looking body parts such as fingers, noses and tongues. They serve the food on gurneys and operating tables and the cutlery is tweezers and scalpels.

The trendy cocktail bar is all the rage, with bartenders in white lab coats, drinks served in beakers and waitresses in skimpy nurse outfits.

Latvia's answer to Hooters or Bubba Gumps, I guess.

(Hat tip to KM for this one.)


tracy said…
Cool. i wanna go!
Do they serve fresh liver ? kidney pies ?.
I have a friend from Latvia that goes often to take possession of properties that the Russians had taken . Evidently the unemployment is 50% and the crime rate is very high ....beautiful place if you do not mind extreme cold and lots of darkness .
ERP said…
I wonder if their sweetbreads are really human pancreases!
Craig said…
I think Latvia is where Hannibal Lecter now lives
bathmate said…
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