Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Medical Challenge

Here is this weeks medical challenge from the New England Journal of Medicine. You be the doctor.
This patient is from Tunisia (North Africa on the Mediterranean) and this is what her ear looks like. What is the diagnosis? (These are all infectious diseases)
1. Leprosy (a mycobacterium)
2. Leishmaniasis (a protozoa from the bite of a sand fly)
3. Syphilis (a sexually transmitted spirochete bacterium)
4. TB (another mycobacterium)
5. Yaws (a spirochete bacterium transmitted by skin to skin contact)
Give your best shot and I'll post the answer tomorrow. This is how you get smarter.


Anonymous said...

#1 Leprosy because I think it affects the ears.

Raymond Bouchayer said...

Oh Dr. Toni ....I am too old to go medical to medical school !so I'll say #5

Dr. Know said...

#2 because it affects skin.

ERP said...

Tough one Toni. I think I will go with Leishmaniasis. Hard because the others can also cause nasty ear lesions.

Rich said...

After a date with Mike Tyson?

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