Skin Patches and MRI

The FDA has issued an alert to warn patients and imaging professionals that certain medicated skin patches can overheat during an MRI scan and cause a skin burn.

Apparently some patches contain aluminum and other metals in the backing that sticks to the skin. With more and more medications being administered through the "patch" the best advice is for patients to remove the patch prior to the MRI scan and replace a new one after.

This does not apply to CT scans or ultrasounds as they are a different technology.


KM said…
I just had a patient tell me that there is a fairly new patch for dementia that his realative will start trying, and I mentioned this warning to him since he is the family member who is the caregiver. He had also just learned about the warning.
Shenice said…
what does that mean km,i'm in grade seven and i need to know
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a relatively new form of imaging. Radiologists use MRI scans to create two-dimensional images from within the body that show body tissues and bones as dark, and everything else as lighter.
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Many transdermal drug-delivery patches don't need to be removed at all and, depending on the part of your body being imaged by the MRI and the location of your medication patch, even if it does contain metal foil it may not be subject to heating (there are many, many variables in the risks of MRI-related heating).
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