Swallowing Coins

This 7 year old child was brought to the ED because she had pain when she swallowed and "stomach pain". It turns out she shook a piggy bank upside down above her head and a few coins fell out. She swallowed one of them.

The X-ray shows a coin in the stomach. Because the child and her family were going on vacation the next day, an upper endoscopy (image#1) was done and 2 coins were seen in the stomach. They were retrieved with a Roth net and the vacation proceeded.

Most coins are swallowed by children between 6 months and 3 years. The coins will usually pass through the GI tract and come out the other end without a problem.

Image from Consultant


KM said…
Very interesting photo.
water01 said…
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A seven year old did this? I would have thought that by now, a person of this age would know better.

My wife and I have a two year old son. When I see stories like this, it certainly concerns me! Our little man is so quick on the draw!


Eat Well. Live Well.
andre said…
it can be happens to all children cause an accident,

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Jack said…
Its a horible picture and hope its not happen to ours

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Anonymous said…
I swallowed a coin when i was a 6 yr old.I was like 'What to do'??? I did'nt want to tell my parents scared that i might go operation or something so kept quiet. but part of me wanted to tell my mom but there's a chance she would'nt listen because there was a time i accidentally stapled my thumb (i was 6 too) so whe i showerd my mom she just noded. so i had to take it out myself. It wasent pain though. And the reason i can still remember becos im still in elemeantary school. F.Y.I Im fine!!!
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... I never swallow something in my child hood in many ways I don't what are you talking about.
I saw in one doctor house chapter that a kid that swallow a coin, but nothing happend.
sildenafil said…
The problem is specially with younger kids that they put things in their mouths. I think that we have to check on our kids to avoid this problem.
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Anonymous said…
Dude I m 17 and I have swollowed a coin what should I do ?
Is it possible that the coin will pass through my digestive system ?

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