Thursday, April 16, 2009

What Medical Specialty Are You Suited For?

Hey, I'm easing back into the blog world after a fun trip to NYC. If you are a Doctor or ever thought you'd enjoy the world of Medicine, take this quick quiz to see what specialty you are suited for.

I wish I would have had a quiz like this when I was deciding (oh so many years ago) on a specialty. Most medical students make important career decisions based on whether they had a good experience during a 4-6 week rotation. The Resident physician you serve under can make or break a rotation and, believe me, I've seen a lot of doctors that are not at all suited for the specialty they chose.

In case you are wondering, I scored highest on Orthopedic Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, OB/GYN, General Surgery and Urology. Interesting that they are all surgical specialties. Internal Medicine (my specialty) was number 25 for me. I guess it was all those questions that asked if I liked good outcomes and am decisive (yes and yes)!

See what specialty suits you.

Hat tip to Anesthesioboist for the quiz.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Dr. T. I am not a doctor but I took the quiz and I am suited to be a dermatologist.

tracy said...

Thanks for the great quiz, Dr. Toni. i wonder why they kept asking the same questions, over and over...hum.

1. Peds i think not.
2. Internal Medicine Yes!
3. Rheumatology Uh, no.
4. Hematology Umm, are vampires involved?
5. Psychiatry Yes!
6. Gastroenrology No
7. Radiation Oncology Nope
8. Emergency Medicine Yes!
9. Dermatology ick
10. Colon and Rectal Surgery ick
part 2

However, what do i know? i have heard that Medical Skool students change their minds many times as they are exposed to various, if i did go, i might just end up being that Paediatrician...(they've added an "a" right?)
Thanks again and welcome back!

HugeMD said...

Interesting. Gastro, Anesthesiology, and Derm. My actual specialty was 4th from the bottom. Not surprising because I really don't do it anymore. Emergency Medicine, which is a little closer to what I do now, was in the middle. I'm not sure how it picked gastro. I answered a big no to all the techy, gadgety, spatial questions. In med school, I couldn't run an endoscope AT ALL.

Anonymous said...

I scored highest for nuclear medicine, neurology, and derm. My actual specialty, psychiatry, was #12. There's a certain logic to the ranking, or at least it feels that way to me. And Dr B is right: Whether we chose our specialty from a month-long rotation in med school, or (in my case) chose it beforehand based on the limited knowledge I had at age 20, a more systematic review like this one may have been quite helpful.

Osh said...

I'm a medical student who's graduating in 15 days. I'm so worried now about choosing my specialty. I've always enjoyed internal medicine, because of all the analytical work involved. I've decided that i wanted to go into internal medicine, but I'm having second thoughts now. I hate the fact that when the internist fail, surgeons come in, and I hate that It's always like that. If a patient has a three vessel disease, or a main artery blocked, then Cath can't do, he needs a CABG. I hate to be the cardiologist who says that. however, I too hate the simplicity of surgery, not a lot of puzzle work. so I'm kind of all over of the place. I don't know what to do. I've taken the test, and it's quite weird, because infectious disease was my number one specialty, followed by neurosurgery, what a weird combination. Cardiology ranked 4. It's so overwhelming

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John said...

I have taken that test several times in the past year. I try to answer the questions in different ways but always end up as a radiologist. I have no beef with that as I have been a software developer for the past 14 years and have a bachelors degree in I.T.. I am finishing up my med school pre-reqs and am hoping to be one of those 40 year old non-trads. I will have to be at the top of my class to get radiology. I always have been though, so I just have to keep up the norm.

Anonymous said...

What you're suited for and what you end up in are not always the same thing.

I am suited for one thing, didn't get it(because I'm weird), and ended up in something else that is a complete mismatch. Can't switch though. That's against the rules.

Going into medicine was the biggest mistake of my life.

Jacqueline said...

Why can't you switch? Talk to your program director, people switch all the time!!! I have taken that test countless time, as I had the hardest time figuring out what I wanted to do - surgery to anesthesia and somehow ended up in radiology. Now i'm really thinking I should've done peds. I think I might try to switch next year - we'll see.

Anonymous said...

I've tried to switch three separate times in three years. Failed each.

I'm not in America. I'm in Canada where the opportunities to switch into anything but psychiatry and family medicine are severely limited.

I am also in my 4th year of training. Switching now would be throwing away those 4 years, and I'm not young.

I've tried to switch every year before this one, and have been shot down every time, without any indication of what in my file was deficient. The Canadian match 2nd round has nothing in it, and if you want to switch that's your only "official" option.

I don't trust my program director. I am in a "malignant" program. And if I make myself known to want to switch but can't, they'll just try to be rid of me into some other field I don't want to go into like family medicine.

It's like being in jail.

Anonymous said...

I've scored highest for thoracic surgery and neurosurgery (I'd like to do them both), and after I scored pulmonology and General surgery.

This test is right for me (yey), I hate peds, derm, and this damn boring stuff.

Cardiologist in Madhapur said...

very nice post i scored more on cardiologist keep posting such content

Anonymous said...

I am currently a general surgery resident, but am absolutely in love with cardio. I'm 100% sure it's what I want to do. This quiz pegged me as thoracic, neurosurgery, vascular and emergency medicine. All things I enjoy, but cardio lights me on fire.

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