Cervical spine and neck pain

I saw three patients in one day with neck pain. There is a common phenomena in medicine that things come in "3s" and it certainly happened today. This cool vid shows the bony anatomy but doesn't show the muscles and ligaments, which is usually the cause of the pain. The neck, scalp and shoulders can all be affected and painful muscle spasm is pretty common, leading to headache and shoulder pain.


Very interesting and you did see me with with neck problem recently that was alleviated with physical therapy .
As you know I have different disk problems , :lumbar , Thoracic and in the neck and stenosis. It is amazing how little bones like the ones that were shown on this film can be such a "pain in the neck ". And yes it radiates to the shoulders . upper back , sinuses and a lot more I am sure .
Toni Brayer MD said…
Note to other doctors: I did not violate HIPPA. Raymond did
What is HIPPA ? and did I do something wrong ? I just liked the film and it is very interesting the intricate system that we have "holding us up " .....sorry if I said anything out of line .
Toni Brayer MD said…
Raymond: HIPPA is the "law" that protects patient privacy. On my blog I never give information that would identify a patient or enable patient information to be identified. No problem at all with you saying anything you want in the comments and you are welcome to comment as much as you like.

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