Cracked Corners of Lips - Cheilitis

Q. Dr. Brayer, I have cracking and soreness at the corners of my mouth. Someone told me it is Vitamin B deficiency. What can I do about it?

A. You have a common condition called Angular Cheilitis and it is rarely caused by vitamin deficiency. The usual cause is moisture and saliva that builds up from lip licking, poor fitting dentures or drooling at night. The chronic moisture can lead to a bacterial infection or candida (yeast) infection. Cracking and fissuring at the corners of the mouth can be painful and more licking just keeps it going.

Usually it an be cleared up with a combo of an anti-fungal and steroid cream.


Anonymous said…
Interesting, I have had that same problem before.
Anonymous said…
I have heard that lysine helps.
jenny said…
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Three Feathers said…
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Anonymous said…
I suffered from this for about 4 months!!! Now it has come back to the middle of my upper lip!
Anonymous said…

my 7 year old niece is showing the same symptoms - and i am very much worried about 'immune deficiency', because many sources seem to indicate that Candida albicans can't really do much in a healthy person with properly functioning immune system. can you guys help out... tell me it is not what i am thinking it is - the acquired immune deficiency syndrome. thanks.

For my part every person may read this.
Nay said…
Would blistex or carmax work? said…
Oh my god, there's a great deal of helpful information here!
Wow, there is a lot of effective info in this post!
Dianamt said…
I was told i must have the herpes virus! all this time.. i never had blisters, just cracked sore corners of my mouth and my kid too.

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