Friday, June 5, 2009

How To Remember Your Dreams

I love to dream and often enjoy pondering my dreams and trying to interpret what they mean. Some people say they never dream. We know that everyone dreams but some people don't have any recall of dreaming. Here are some tips that can help you recall dreams and bring your unconscious into consciousness:

  • Try to awaken naturally without the help of an alarm clock. If you do need an alarm clock, put a reminder on it so you see it first , "remember your dream".
  • Place a pad and pen, laptop or tape recorder next to your bed and record what you remember as soon as you wake up.
  • If you do remember a dream, try to make a connection between the dream and recent events. Look for themes or patterns.
  • Try to change the dream by remaining in that barely awake zone before you fully wake up and "daydream" a different outcome. This is called lucid dreaming.
  • Dream memories are often fragmented. Think about the fragments to train your mind to recall dreams in detail.
  • Try to sleep without sleep aids or alcohol. Make sure you are allowing enough time for sleep.
Throughout history and in all cultures, dreams have been valued for their "messages" and ability to access other dimensions of awareness and knowledge. By consciously trying to remember dreams, we can open up those windows.


tracy said...

all my dreams are bad lately...not exactly nightmares, just matches, stress, i guess, eh?

Toni Brayer MD said...

Tracy: probably life stress. Dreams are a good way of working out those conflicts. Try to see if there is a theme to the dreams and any recurrent images that might lead you to the cause. Best.

tracy said...

Thanks, Dr. Brayer!

Dra. Raquel Arteta Picasso said...

Thank you for this articule, is so simple to follow, great tips!. I was interested in doing this long time ago but never stopped to find out how to, now I have it simple. My recurrent dreams for years is that they're always in dark as it was night light. Who knows what does it mean?.

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