Marry a Younger Woman and Live Longer

A study from Germany's Max Planck Institute found that men who marry younger women live longer. The man' s chances of dying early are cut by 20% if the woman is between 15 and 17 years younger. If she was 7-9 years younger, the risk of premature death was reduced by 11%.

The study found women do not experience the same benefits by marrying a younger or an older man.

Women with younger or older husbands increase their chances of dying early by 20%. The study was conducted in Denmark on the entire population.

There are several theories to explain "why". One is that men who are healthier (to begin with) are better able to attract younger women. Perhaps these young women are taking care of the old dude when he gets sick and that helps him live longer. Or perhaps the older men who have more money (and thus more access to healthy living and health care) are better able to attract younger women. I don't think too many old, decrepit, poor guys are able to get a young wife. Maybe the older man with a younger wife stays in better shape because he is afraid of losing her?

I couldn't find the actual study to review (as I usually do for my readers). I would ask what about men who marry women significantly younger than themselves; the 70 year old man with the 28 year old wife? What about women who never marry at all? Perhaps they live the longest?

The study could easily have been titled "Marrying an older man is bad for your health."


Marrying and love are two different things .In the picture that you have on your "blog " it shows an "much" older man and a very "young" woman "madly in love with him .....?? anyone thinks so ? money will buy you companionship ...but not love . Take the money and fame away from this man and he will be on a "dating service " lying about his age and hoping to meet someone close to his age .
Anonymous said…
I think that is one of the three of Hugh Hefner's current girlfreind's
Victoria said…
I wouldn't mind marrying a 10-13 year younger man if we had enough in common and he was together, but it seems like when a woman does it, people question it more.
Anonymous said…
Demi Moore and Anston Kutchner are a reverse opposite example of this, but obviously she won't get the same health benefit or studies haven't shown it. Maybe the older spouse has to work harder like you said to have a healthier lifestyle in exercise and diet to keep up and maintain the interest of the younger husband or wife.
Toni Brayer MD said…
Anon 8:00: I must say I do love that Moore/Kutchner relationship. They seem committed and mature and both of them look plenty healthy!
Anonymous said…
I agree about Moore/Kutcnher being healthy. I think they are a good example of proving it can work out very well and look happy.
Anonymous said…
ewww..crusty old man.....
well my friend let me give you my opinion, this maybe is gonna sound a little bit sexist, but sex is the clue, the sex keep you young for more time, regulate the blood and heart pressure, anyway if you want to live a little bit more, just have sex, of course in a safe way please!!!
Sildenafil said…
I'm totally agreed with my dude, sex is a powerful eternal younth fountain, we have several examples, but Hugh Marston Hefner is the most notorious, anyway have sex is not only something merely lustful, is also so healthy.
Wow, there is a lot of helpful data above!
Timothy said…
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