Monday, June 8, 2009

New Focus for Operation Rescue

Gee, I read that the abortion foes don't know what to do with their time and energy now that Dr. Tiller has been murdered and buried. After years of stalking him and his employees, blocking the clinic entrance and offering free sonograms to pregnant women so they can show them pictures of bloody fetuses, the pro-choice protesters don't know what to do next. Their "Choices Medical Clinic", which opened next door to Dr. Tiller's medical offices, may not get much business with its "free sonogram' offer and the organization is looking for new direction.

Now that Dr. Tiller is gone and his clinic is shuttered, I have some suggestions for the hundreds of pro-life advocates to make good use of their energy and dedication. Both men and women can get involved.
  • Preventing child abuse. There are a number of organizations to join and they would be happy to have your energy and help
  • Support foster parenting. So many children are here and need parenting.
  • End domestic violence. Domestic violence includes physical and emotional abuse against women, children and even pets and it crosses all socioeconomic barriers. Lots to do here!
  • Prevent animal cruelty and violence. Have you seen those puppy mills? The abused farm animals? The abuses that still go on with experimental animals? They could use your passion and volunteerism.
  • Teach a child to read. Did you know our schools are in trouble across America? Many children could benefit from a volunteer to help tutor them with reading. Rather than holding signs all day, this might be a better use of your time. Try it.
  • Adopt a child. There are millions, yes millions, of unwanted children who would love to have a home. It takes real skill and passion to raise a child into a happy, fulfilled adult. This is something we should all be interested in supporting.
There is much to do to make this a better world. If none of these organizations seems worthwhile to the pro-life crowd, can give even more choices.


Anonymous said...


KM said...

Your list of choices and suggestions for these anti abortion
protesters is an EXCELLET idea!! Great way to transform negative energy somethng posative, and great for anyone wantng to be involved with a fulfilling cause.

Margaret Polaneczky, MD (aka TBTAM) said...

Well-said, Dr Brayer!

tracy said...

"Well said, that was laid on with a trowell"!

Just a wonderful article, Dr. Brayer!

ps Guess who wrote the quote!

ERP said...

You offer much more constructive choices than I would.

kev said...

As someone who is against abortions, I still respect the females choice in this and it is never an easy choice. Standing outside clinics and hospitals can only serve to add to the distress the femles is already suffering. As a Christian I am all about support for the female and would encourage other Christians not to judge but to show love and support. I have to agree that those who protest could use their time more wisely in the way you have shown.

To those who sit there and judge, please re-read your bible and see that God is a God of love. The wonderful saying in the bible that we should all think about is "Take THE LOG OUT YOUR OWN EYE BEFORE YOU TAKE THE SPLITER OUT OF MINE"

Last note:

Those who protest, you have no idea the emotional damage you cause these females in later life nor the guilt they can carry through-out their life.

Show love, kindness, compassion

Toni Brayer MD said...

Kev: thank you

Dusty said...

Stumbled upon your blog and absolutely love this post & the responses. Beautiful response Kev.

Morris said...

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