Thursday, June 11, 2009

Way Too Busy to Blog

Just a quick note to my regular readers of EverythingHealth that I've been slammed with "busyness" and haven't had a time to blog. Look to the right of the page and click on some older posts...good info that even surprises me when I re-read it. More new info coming soon!


tracy said...

You mean, Dr. have other stuff to do besides blog? Wow. (That's like saying "....and i thought i was your o n l y patient!")

Take care of yourself and be sure to get some rest!
Looking forward to seeing you when you get a bit of time!

KM said...

I bet you wish you could be cloned for all of your jobs, family, responsibilities, patients and people who need you that make you so interesting. Sounds like trying to keep on the fastest speed of a tread mill.
When it is over hope you get some time for yourself to take a deep breath and relax.

Anonymous said...

Come-on back, Dr. B. It's time to settle down and start blogging again!

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