Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why do Celebreties Have Bad Doctors?

Michael Jackson's mysterious death that involved his personal physician at his side when he died, brings up so many questions and speculations. The 911 phone call states that the physician was there when he "collapsed" in bed and was "pumping" (presumably performing CPR) him as the call was made. Further details are impossible as the doctor has disappeared and the toxicology portion of the autopsy is pending.

Reports are coming out from family and friends, that Michael was receiving prescription medication. He was frail and underweight and family members were concerned about his health. He may have been receiving Demerol injections and there is speculation that he was given a Demerol shot before he went into respiratory arrest. The New York Times has reported about his mystery doctor:

"Dr. Conrad Murray, who public records show is a 56-year-old cardiologist with a practice in Las Vegas, has lived in numerous homes over the last decade in several states, filed for personal bankruptcy in 1992 in California and has five tax liens against him for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

According to HealthGrades, a health care ratings company, Dr. Murray is board certified in neither of his two specialties, internal medicine and cardiology. Board certification is not required to practice a specialty but is recommended and indicates a high level of training and expertise."

Whenever I see a movie star that had bad plastic surgery or recall Nicole Smith's doctor who kept her in a drug induced state until her sad death, or think about Barry Bond's infected knee surgery or any number of celebs that get bad medical advice, I wonder what the heck is going on. These folks can afford the best medical care and the best doctors. Why do they end up with doctors that are obvious quacks and deserve to have their licenses revoked?

A friend of mine is a rock musician and has traveled with many major rock groups over the years. He said those groups always had a quack doctor touring with them that would keep them supplied with drugs, B12 shots and anything else they needed.

I guess money does buy everything...even poor care.


jo said...

Good post. Even though celebrities can afford the best medical care, I think their decisions are made with minimal input due to their isolation as a celebrity.

Raymond Bouchayer said...

Good Doctors are not what celebrities are looking for when they need drugs . They need the good ones when there is a surgery or other medical problem that their "dope supplier" cannot provide .
A good Doctor would never jeopardize the health of his/her patient by over prescribing multiple drugs .

CountryMidwife said...

keep them supplied with drugs

Eeeyup. Right there.

ERP said...

Easy answer. Good doctors do not want celebrity patients. They are simply too entitled and high maintence. I would hang myself if I had someone as bizarre as MJ as my personal patient.

Anonymous said...

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Michael Hakansson said...

There are really "bad" doctors over the world, here is a terrifying example

Antony said...

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