Saturday, July 25, 2009

Costs Skyrocket for Pharmaceuticals

I just heard from one of my patients that the cost of "Advair" (an inhaler commonly used for asthma) at the pharmacy was $160.00. That is the discounted price the patient pays WITH HEALTH INSURANCE.

I suspect the pharmaceutical companies are gouging as much as they can just in case health care reform comes along and changes things. How strong do you think the legislature will be against the Pharma lobby? Boston Tea party, anyone?


KM said...

When you need Imitrex for migraines they charge $180.
It is REALLY WRONG when the drugs cost more then going to the doctor for a health problem.

Linda Leighton said...

That is totally outrageous!!

Bolina Stretta said...

Migraine medicine ?
Relpax, 6 pills = $116
and that is after insurance.
full price is 140.

Not to mention that I paid a full price of $128 for amoxicilln for my kid, standard 10 days regimen, ear infection. Exact same tretment, one year later, overseas (Europe) paid full price of $10.

Nathan said...

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