Friday, July 31, 2009

Lichen planus

The answer to yesterdays medical quiz was #4- oral lichen planus.

It is an autoimmune condition that causes inflammation on the lining of the mouth. It can affect the gums, tongue and lips, but is usually seen on the inside of the cheeks.

We see oral lichen planus during midlife, but it can occur any time and can last for years. Lichen planus can be found on the skin, scalp, nails and genitals. Like other autoimmune conditions, the cause is unknown but something triggers the inflammatory process in the mucous membranes.

The lip lesion could also have been squamous cell carcinoma and a biopsy can cinch the diagnosis. High potency corticosteroid gels are used as treatment.


Jesse Hake said...

I've taken a look on the possible treatments for this Lichen Planus thing over at Wikipedia and other medical resources. I thought this was limited to being just a dental problem as the picture suggests. There were some pictures that I saw where the Lichen Planus affected the skin on the legs. I wonder if herbal treatment can do the trick here. I remember seeing aloe vera as one of the treatment options for this. Will this be effective, or does it apply only to the skin lesion types of this condition?

I guess I'll better have my friends in South Carolina ask a dentist Myrtle Beach has just to make sure if aloe vera does indeed work. I hope I can get inputs from you too, Dr. Bayer. More power to your blog!

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Hertha Gearin said...

We can contract different oral diseases just like this one. That's why dentists advise patients to least schedule an appointment 2 times a year. It is encouraged so that diseases, if there are any, can be detected early and treated right away.

S Rocks said...

Very well written and informative article, thank you :-)


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