Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nurse Shortage or Nurse Glut?

For years we have heard there is a shortage of nurses and as recently as today, the California Senate Education Committee approved a bill (AB867)to "address a severe nursing shortage in California." The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) projects that 90% more RNs must be produced in order to meet the predicted need for one million new nurses in the American healthcare system by 2020.

So if there is such a shortage...why can't new nurse graduates find a position? I was pleased to pass on the name of a new RN school graduate who had great references from previous allied health care work and was told by the hospital;

"Virtually no one is doing a new grad training program at this time. We have made the commitment to "trickle in" some new grads this fall and received over 1000 applications for 5 positions. I might suggest this individual get their foot in the door as a nurses aide, phlebotomist or some other non-nursing job. Unfortunately, the economy has turned our profound nursing shortage into a glut, virtually overnight."

Upon investigation I find that there is actually an overabundance of nurses in Canada, Philippines as well as across the United States. There may be openings for experienced critical care nurses, but medical-surgical nurses are pounding the pavement looking for work and finding few or no jobs available. There are hundreds of nurses vying for every opening. The jobs just aren't there.

The downturn in the economy means more older nurses are keeping their jobs and delaying retirement. Hospital census is down and staffing is lean. Is that enough to turn a shortage into a glut? Apparently it is, or the prior predictions just weren't true.

Experts are still saying there will be a shortage after the recession is over that will only get worse in coming years. But for now, it looks like nurses are not in demand and there are thousands of unemployed RNs looking for work.


Linda Leighton said...

Fortunately my niece is employed as a pediatric nurse at St. Joseph's in Phoenix, but I have several friends whose daughters are now in nursing school.

Nick Dupree said...

So why is finding LPNs for home care so crazy difficult, near-impossible?

Maybe everyone became RNs, because RN pay is so much more.


LOVE that vintage nurse photo! want to use it on my blog.

mike said...

Yes, the shortage is over we we now have the nursing glut. See for more info or visit us on face book at The Nursing Glut.

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