Welcome World Blog Readers

I get a kick out of my tracking software and enjoy seeing the visits to EverythingHealth from around the world. I am amazed that the internet works to connect us. In the last 24 hours I welcome: Jakarta, Guam, Australia, Nigeria, London, Anchorage, Delhi, Manila, Edinburgh, U.K., Canada, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Japan, Spain, Chile, Mexico and Costa Rica. Come back soon and I'll be humming "We are the World".


Anonymous said…
Impressive array of countries. I like your widget that shows where people are from. What a great way to connect information.
Linda Leighton said…
That is so cool!
KM said…
I always like looking at the flags and names of different countries visiting your blog. Very intereating and educational about unusual smaller cities and countries. Your widget is evidence based that you are the Best International Blogger!
tracy said…
That is sooo great! i love learning about other peoples and cultures! :)
Alvin said…
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