Malignant Hypertension Effect on the Eye

Ever wonder what the doctor is looking for when she shines the light into your eyes, up close and personal?

This is what she sees if the patient has severe hypertension. The retina shows blurring of the optic disc (in the middle left) and the white areas are called "cotton wool spots". The blurry part at the bottom is a partial retinal detachment. The patient's blood pressure was 220/150.


carlos said…
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KM said…
Besides getting the BP down and under control for this so the patient won't become blind does it require surgery like full retinal detachment?
Toni Brayer MD said…
KM: This is a medical emergency and the patient could easily go blind without instant intravenous treatment with hypertensive medication. He would probably require surgery for the retinal detachment.
schulter said…
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Viagra Online said…
What an impacting image because it seems like a cancer cell instead of an eye, and it's more interesting we can know a person through their eyes.
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