Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Primary Care Doctors Have Had Enough

Dr. Vance Harris is a primary care physician in Redding, California. His essay featured on CNN Health is a chilling warning to our Nation and why ignoring primary care will doom health care reform. I want you all to read it.

Dr. Vance says, "No one is talking about this on the national level. If they don't address these issues, then good luck having physician assistants provide the safety net with two years of training. Good luck getting newly trained physicians once they see our salaries. Good luck finding internists in your community with only 1 percent of medical students going into Internal Medicine.

Good luck recruiting primary care specialists when we are projected to be short 39,000 by 2020, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. And nearly half of all doctors surveyed by the Physicians' Foundation have said that over the next three years they plan to reduce the number of patients they see or stop practicing entirely. "

Read the well written article by Dr. Vance for more details on how screwed up our health values and reimbursements are.


ERP said...

The best way to encourage more students to go into primary care without a major overhaul of how doctors are paid is to simply make med school FREE for those who agree to practise primary care for at least 10 years.

Jonathan said...

Clearly we are going to need some kind of incentives at the national, state, or local level (or combination thereof) to deal with the shortage of primary care physicians. The question of the day is how to incorporate a discussion of this shortage into the larger national dialogue on healthcare reform.

Jonathan said...

Great piece by Dr. Vance as well.

tracy said...

ERP Great idea! Plus, find a way to pay those who show excellence in practice a major raise in salary!

tracy said...

Hee. Kinda reminds me of "Northern Exposure".

Anonymous said...

Just come from site of Dr Prat, sorry Rant.
You're an American doctor and you've never heard of M.E. (CFS)???!!
Your country is where all the headway is being made with research into M.E.

Ira said...

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