Monday, August 24, 2009

Where Germs Hang Out

Who knew there was a "Hygiene Council", comprised of global experts in the field of public health and infectious disease? These folks actually conduct an Annual International Home Hygiene Study. Keep in mind that one of the corporate sponsors of the council is Lysol, but, who cares as long as they tell us where germs hang out. Well, here is what the 2009 survey of bacteria and viruses found out about where the germs linger:
  • TV remote . This is no surprise to me, considering how the men in my home hold and protect the remote like it is precious gold.
  • Tub and shower. I would think the germs would be washed away with the soap, but apparently they linger. (Lysol anyone?)
  • Pet food dishes. My cat demands a fresh, clean dish with each meal so no problem here.
  • Kitchen sponges. (Came in at number 1) Put them in the dishwasher on the hot cycle.
  • Microwave touch screen. Think about the microwave at work. The medical term is "Ewwww!"
  • Light Switches. (Lysol anyone?)
  • Baby changing table. Isn't this one just common sense?
  • Kitchen faucets. (looks like another call for Lysol)
I appreciate these Hygiene folks, measuring the bacteria counts so we can all feel safer. Compared to Health Care Reform, this subject is just warm and fuzzy.


KM said...

This is great, thanks. Loved your very fitting remote control description!

Also computer keyboards especially if shared.

I also read that if traveling on a plane the antibacterial wipes are good to use when you first sit in your seat to clean the arms and tray table attached to the seat ahead of you reduce germs from the previous passangers.

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