Friday, September 11, 2009

Girls Suffer Worse Effects From Bullies

We all know that there can be long term mental health consequences for kids who are victims of bullies. A new study reported in the Archives of General Psychiatry showed that girls who are bullied in grade school suffer more psychiatric disturbance than boys. This is the first study that examined late adolescence or adult outcomes of childhood bullying in both boys and girls, and it found the long term effects of bullying were worse in the girls.

The researchers defined bullying as "an aggressive act embodying an imbalance of power in which the victims cannot defend themselves accompanied by an element of repetition." They found that more boys were bullies themselves, and more boys than girls were bullied. Very few girls were frequent bullies or bully-victims.

Despite the fact that girls were less bullied in early grade school, they were the ones who often had severe after effects. Frequent victim girls used more psychiatric medication, antipsychotics, antidepressants or anxiolytics in later life.

Childhood bullying is not "part of growing up". It is interpersonal violence and the negative effects do not disappear with time. Enlightened educators have a "no bully" policy and these acts are nipped in the bud. It is never OK to allow bullying, and both the perpetrator and the victim can suffer later consequences in life.


Rich said...

I was bullied and I bullied back it's part of growing up. I turned out just fine...didn't I?

Anonymous said...

Rich, you're clearly dead wrong and delusional. Bullying is NEVER a part of growing up. You think that it's all right to go around terrorizing others? If so, you're going to make many enemies in life.

You see? Bullying never helps people get ready for real life. Instead, it traumatizes their lives, makes them retaliate, and even leads them to suicide.

Think about this: If you bully many innocent people (especially ones who have never done anything wrong to you) one day, they could get back at you and you could go to jail for it.

Bullying never does anyone good. I mean, how will you get through life if you accept bullying and bully other people? You'll end up all alone the more you bully.

Let's say you're bullied again big time and you bully other people big time. I don't think that you'd turn out fine. In fact, you could end up in prison and/or dead.

Toni is right about what she typed, especially in her last paragraph. If you insist that bullying is acceptable, then you ought to see a shrink.

Just because you were bullied, it doesn't you mean that you have the right to bully anyone else. Didn't your parents teach you well or were you living on another planet?

If you still think that bullying is part of growing up, then read what's in here:

Anonymous said...

I know from experience, the only way to truly stop a bully is through physical violence. I put my bully in the hospital.

If the payoff for your behavior is physical injury, you're more likely to change it.

That's the only way these idiots learn.

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