Friday, October 9, 2009

Where Would A Doctor Like to Practice?

Medscape has a physician portal and they asked the question: "Where would you like to practice medicine?" The responses from physicians were varied with lots of complaining and joking like "Dubai", but this reply from a family medicine doctor got my attention. I think he speaks for many physicians.

  • I would like to work in a fantasy world.

  • One where I didn't have to worry about someones economic status.

  • Where I could diagnosis and treat and feel confident the patient would actually follow my advice. Where their education level allowed them to be able to read a Rx bottle. And remotely comprehend what I take so long to explain, over and over to them.

  • Where we worked to benefit people as best we could, while not being burnt out or abused.

  • Where we didn't have to work for a life time to pay off overwhelming school debts.

  • Where 3rd party payers, in business to make a profit not provide health care, were a myth.

  • Where the legal profession spent time trying to help people, and not as leeches on society, sucking cash out of patient care at any opportunity, often creating the opportunities themselves.

  • Where I had the chance to continuously learn rather then spend endless days of clinic drone drudgery. Education limited to reading after a bone weary long day, or compressed into 1 week a year.

  • Where all my fellow physicians, worked together for the common good, patients and ours. Advancing medical care, rather than focus on their niche or profits.

  • Finally a land where what I did was appreciated. Where my days were not spent in an adversarial relationship with just about everyone, in my struggles to make a difference in a world that just doesn't seem to care if the difference is made or not.


Ken Mills said...

I would like to live in a fantasy world also--

Where Doctors told patients the truth about obesity and eating habits

Where Doctors prescribed and referred patients to Exercise professionals before onset of risk factor symptoms.

Oh yeah-- a world where the BMI index is revered instead of reviled.

A world where preventative medicine was actually tied to wellness instead of testing.

A world where the AMA would call out everyone for eating junk food, sitting around doing nothing.

A world where outrage reserved for Fox News, George Bush, Barack Obama and politics in general is refocused to where it squarely should be a denounciation of habits breeding heart disease, stroke , cancer and diabetes.

A world where solutions went beyond just take this pill daily and see me next month.

A world where all of us were fit and not paying for the life long mistakes of others.

A world where the truly sick do not have to wait for urgent care because the lazy rich fatso can trump the system and pay for services that should be reserved for people truly in need.

And finally a world where the overwhelming vast majority of us could bend down and tie our shoes and not get out of breath because size of our girths impeded our breathing--

Oh Oh what a world it would be...

Toni Brayer MD said...

Ken Mills: Can I please come and live in your world?

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