Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fake Hymens For Non-Virginal Women

As a physician, I see a lot of strange things and meet lots of interesting people. I guess I shouldn't be surprised when the oppression of women in many countries across the globe has created a market for fake hymens for non-virginal women. Since virginity is valued above all else in many religions, it was only a matter of time when the artificial hymen would be manufactured and sold. Now with the internet, fathers and mothers in Sudan and Egypt and anywhere else, can order online for their little bride.

For $15-$29.00, a family can obtain a Chinese-made artificial hymen that might (?) fool a groom or at least the groom's family. The "hymen" is a 5X7cm folded piece of albumen covered on one side by dark red ink. Place in the vagina before sex, the plastic hardens slightly and rips upon intercourse. Voila! A few drops of "blood" and everyone is happy.

Why would a product like this be in demand? In Muslim countries a girl who is not a virgin will have hell to play after the wedding. Her husband can divorce her or the family can keep the dowry and disown her. It is such hypocrisy that 50% of the population can be discriminated against. There is no such obsession with the man's virginity.

The whole issue of a woman's virginity is a carry over from ancient times and religious texts. "Then the wedding night sheets were hung over the balconies in the morning, to let the rest of the world know how virginal the bride was, altho rumours of sheep's blood and substitutions have been heard." A visitor to Rome in the mid-20th century remarked on how virginity could be faked.

The "fake hymen" is just a modern day version of ancient misogyny. It goes along with the horrendous practice of marrying off pubescent girls to older men who want "virgins". I guess there is more success in finding a 12 year old virgin. Sick, sick, sick.


ERP said...

This sort of thing makes me nauseated. The way people follow these religio-cultural dictates is just horrible.

Anonymous said...

This is sickening as ERP said.

I wonder how many women do not bleed the "first time?" I didn't. Things were tight...but no proof on the sheets. Guess I wasn't really a virgin, huh?

Toni Brayer MD said...

Anon: The idea that all virgins bleed is as archaic and misinformed as an artificial hymen. Bleeding does not indicate a virgin and many girls have ruptured hymens without having sex at all.

Education is what is needed, worldwide.

tracy said...

This is a whole other topic, but this reminds me of that "Law and Order" episode about female circumcision. Excellent episode about an appaling, what have i started with the men....?

Raymond Bouchayer said...

What are they going to come up with !!!!
I just think that women are beautiful and thank you for the ladies in my life .
"Life is a desert and the woman is the camel that helps the man cross it ".
Without you ladies ...there is nothing .Sand . lots of it and a occasional "mirage".

Jonathan said...

We have a long way to go in terms of women’s rights. No, make that the simple dignities of being human and the happenstance of being female. Civilization is a veneer, and it’s much, much thinner in some places than others.

Anonymous said...

But isn’t it oppressive for women to get boob surgery and nose jobs and expensive botox injections and plastic surgery in general just to be more appealing to men? Or is it oppressive for women to wear short skirts and uncomfortable high heels?
Regarding circumcision, CDC is recommending it for US because it reduces the transmission of HIV and other STIs.

Knitted in the Womb said...

No, "anonymous," the CDC is not recommending male circumcision.

Toni Brayer MD said...

Anon 10:01: I think you are areally mixing apples and oranges when you compare cosmetic surgery (voluntary) with the artificial hymen and other abuses of women around the world.

Many cultures have beauty rituals that appear barbaric out of context. Piercing, scarification, tattooing, implanting lip stretchers, implanting breasts etc...they are usually accepted and preferred by the women themselves within the culture and not imposed because of religious or male-dominated norms.

Anonymous said...

Dear DR
can you put the Actual source of data regarding Egypt and price?
I think this is not true!

أميرة الطحاوي said...
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أميرة الطحاوي said...

Dear Dr. Sorry, I am afraid that something was missed here. The history of this product has nothing to do with Muslim Girls. This is the real story here:

and what the Arab media used to publish last 3 months was the fake one based on false informations and total ignorance about the product which had appeared in 1993 in Japan& USA and was NOT invented for Muslim girls to hide loosing their virginity as they said! Many links inside to tell us about this story and which is not new and BTW it is not common in Arab countries You may find about it in media talking about a rumour saying that China invented -and manufactures- it specifically
for Muslims!
Hope you could publish the links for the history of this product.

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