Sunday, November 22, 2009

Get Grandma a Computer

One of the best things you can do for your aging granny or grandpa is get them online. Ninety two percent of American ages 18-29 use the internet and email. But for folks older than 65, the rate falls to 42%.

Why is it important to get seniors on line? A recent study by the Phoenix Center for Advanced Legal and Economic Public Policy Studies (they need a better name), a non-profit Washington think tank, shows that seniors who are on the computer cut the incidence of depression by 20%.

Another recent study from UCLA showed that first time use of the internet by older people enhanced brain function and cognition. Even performing internet searches changed brain activity patterns and enhanced neuro function. They performed brain scans on participants after they were on line and found enhancement in the areas known to be important in working memory and decision-making.

So if you are wondering about that perfect gift for your grandparents...think about a computer with internet access. Soon they'll be twittering up a storm and maybe even posting their own blogs.


KM said...

Interesting study. I guess it must also help people's brains cells that are younger then 65 as well.

Jonathan said...

Add Skype for keeping in visual contact with the kids and grandkids and you've got a no-brainer of a winner.

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muebles pontevedra said...

For my part everyone ought to glance at it.

email archiving said...

Aside from health benefits, senior citizens love it when they finally get in touch with their long lost friends in social networking sites like Facebook. The challenge is in teaching them how to use the computer properly.

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