Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Giving for Thanksgiving

Here is an idea of how to kick off the Holiday and Thanksgiving season. Take the 29 Day Giving Challenge! The idea comes from Cami Walker, the young woman who founded 29 Gifts. The principle is easy. Commit to giving 29 gifts in 29 days. The gifts can be time, money, objects, advice, kindness, something you think you can't live without. There are no rules.

Can giving to others change your life and health? Can we make a shift in our thinking by changing our behavior? Cami Walker says it is a powerful way to change ourselves as we change the world, one gift at a time. It makes sense that just staying in a conscious mode of "giving" and deciding what to give each day could make a real difference in how one views the world.

I'm going to do it. If you start on Thanksgiving day...it is 29 days until Christmas Eve. Lovely.


MLK said...

Awesome idea.

Tough Cookie said...

Have a wonderful holiday!

Did you catch my guest blogger post on Kris Carr's crazysexylife.com, the author and film maker of Crazy Sexy Cancer, about RSD overcoming chronic pain? I was soooo excited!!!


tracy said...

Excellent idea...i'm in!

www.jaen-3d.com said...

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