Monday, November 16, 2009

Insurance Poll

It was interesting to read the results of my little poll, "Do You Have Health Insurance". The readers of EverythingHealth that chose to participate don't exactly match the population at large.
40% have insurance through their employer
10% buy their own insurance coverage and another 10% have a high deductible so that means they most likely pay the full cost of claims too.
12% are covered by Medicare, Medicaid or the VA. (In the normal population it is about 50%).
22% have no coverage. That is about average for the U.S.
4% of readers have government coverage (probably foreign).

So, 42% of readers are paying their own health costs through buying insurance or paying out of pocket for medical costs. 52% of readers have government or employer based insurance. It doesn't quite add up to 100% but you get the drift.


commercial insurance said...

Hi Toni Brayer.Me too took part in your poll.I was curious to know the results thanks for sharing it here its really an interesting statistics although only approximate but we do have some idea

cheap car insurance quote said...

results are satisfactory?

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