Movie Popcorn a Health Horror

After a holiday weekend of movie-going and eating that popcorn that smells so good in the theater, it was a shock to read the report from the Center for Science in the Public Interest that shows just how bad theater popcorn is. The researchers studied medium size popcorn from three large movie chains; Regal Entertainment Group, AMC and Cinemark.

The analysis showed that a Regal medium popcorn contains 1,200 calories and 60 grams of saturated fat. AMC popcorn was a "smaller" medium and contained 590 calories and 33 grams of saturated fat. This was before adding the butter topping. Cinemark wasn't much better at 760 calories but it only had 3 grams of saturated fat.

Kudos to Cinemark for popping their corn in canola oil with less saturated fat. The other chains use heart unhealthy coconut oil, which is about 90% saturated fat. Lard is 40% saturated!

The study showed that a $12 medium popcorn and soda combination at a Regal movie would be the equivalent of three McDonald's Quarter Pounders with 12 pats of butter.

Do you want soda with your popcorn? A 54 ounce large soda at Regal has 33 teaspoons of sugar and 500 empty calories.

Taking the family to a movie should be a treat. Giant portions of heart unhealthy food are making us fat. See the movie, skip the snacks.

Great movie tip: "Precious". See it for the academy award performances and the amazing, heartrending story.


Patty said…
Movie popcorn seems harmless versus the nighmare of Morgellons Disease... Would you do a blog on Morgellons? It is real, and also a nighmare for thousands of people. Best to begin seeking a cure before the pandemic hits. Or maybe too late for that?
Always knew that movie popcorn wasn't exactly a 'New Age' health tonic, but folks in our society are entitled to make their own choices. Some ride motorcycles, some smoke and some opt for poison popcorn. As a gastroenterologist, I know it's not easy to swallow those amorphous styrofoam pellets down the gullet. They must be lubricated with 'butter'. Whatever ingredients are contained in the 'butter' that is slimed out of squirt cans behind the counter, butter isn't one of them.
Anonymous said…
I wonder about organic popcorn? I thought that plain popcorn it self had some food valve in it? I know some people use herbs to season it instead of sale or butter.
tracy said…
Ick. i n e v e r buy food at the movies, on the rare occasion that we go. Sometimes a diet coke, but last time, a small was $4.oo....outlandish! i have heard "Prccious" is very good..and heartbreaking. i plan to read the book.
Bella said…
Patty - what little sympathy I might have for sufferers of "Morgellons Disease" vanishes in the face of your ridiculous prediction of a pandemic, and spamming this totally unrelated topic with it. You may go jump in a lake and take your delusions with you.
willy said…
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Salaja said…
That's true. I read some articles about this. Better, make healthy popcorn by your self at home.
Kamagra said…
you are right, the worst food is the one that is sold it in the cinemas, malls, fast food and others local like this, for that reason I don't like to buy food to see a movi, I prefer to buy a something more light.
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Jenny said…
Popcorn is considered a junk food. And if you partner it with soda, you are risking your health to a dangerous level!

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